Zuständigkeit / Responsibility

English for Specific Purposes: Science

English for Specific Purposes: Medicine and Nursing


weitere Schwerpunkte / further fields of expertise

EAP/ESAP: Academic and Science Writing (also at post-grad. level)

Presentation Skills and English Communication Skills (also at post-grad. level)

Testing: DAAD certificates, UNIcert® III


Biographical Note

Uwe Rasch, M .A., Dipl.-Des., studied Communication Sciences, English and Education at the University of Münster and Design (Illustration) at the Fachhochschule Münster and at the College of Art in Swindon, Wilts., England.

He has taught German as a Foreign Laguage (DaF) in England (assistant teacher) and for various institutions in Germany.
He has taught English for the Sprachenzentrum, Münster Art School, Münster Fashion Design School, various institutions of Münster University, and as a private tutor.

He has worked as a journalist (film and art critic), editor and translator and is co-author of the first full biography of Aldous Huxley in German (WBT/theiss, 2019), the first monograph on American director Stephen Soderbergh, Steven Soderbergh und seine Filme (Marburg, 2003) and co-editor of Aldous Huxley, Man of Letters: Thinker, Critic and Artist (“Human Potentialities,” vol. 9) and Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization (“Human Potentialities,” vol. 12) Other publications include essays in Aldous Huxley Annual 12/13 and 15, and the translation of Prof Christian Grethlein's An Introduction to Practical Theology.

Apart from working at the Sprachenzentrum, he is also working as a free-lance translator, graphic designer, journalist, actor and voice artist. As a free-lance research assistant to Prof Nugel at the Centre for Aldous Huxley Studies at the University of Münster he copy-edits and formats Aldous Huxley Annual and volumes of “Human Potentialities,” the Aldous Huxley Society’s series of monographs. As an actor/director he is a member of the English Drama Group Münster and the Münster-based ensemble “theater en face.”

More detailed profile at LinkedIn.







(2019) with Dana Sawyer and Julian Piras. Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization (“Human Potentialities,” vol. 12). Münster/Zürich: LIT.

(2014) Papers from the Oxford Symposium 2013. With an introduction and afterword by Uwe Rasch. Aldous Huxley Annual 12/13. Berlin/Zürich: LIT.

(2007) with Bernfried Nugel and Gerhard Wagner. Aldous Huxley, Man of Letters: Thinker, Critic and Artist. Berlin: LIT.


(2019) mit Gerhard Wagner: Aldous Huxley. Darmstadt: WBT/theiss.

(2003) mit Stefan Rogall (Hg.) und Hans Gerhold. Steven Soderbergh und seine Filme. Marburg: Schüren.


(2020) Forthcoming: "Catch Me If You Can: Aldous Huxley's 'Mind at Large,'" 7th International Aldous Huxley Symposium, Toulon, France.

(2019) "'Deliver Us, Dear God, from Belief': Aldous Huxley on an Obstacle to Actualising Human Potentialities". Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization.

(2016) "Satire in the Making: Aldous Huxley's 1912 Sketchbook." Aldous Huxley Annual 15. Zürich: LIT.

(2014) "Zen Archers: No Competition." An Afterword to the Oxford Huxley Forum. Aldous Huxley Annual 12/13. Berlin/Zürich: LIT.

(2007) "Nothing Short of Everything": Toward a Full-Text Huxley Data Base. In: Nugel, B., Rasch, U., Wagner, G. (eds.) Aldous Huxley, Man of Letters: Thinker, Critic and Artist. Berlin: LIT.


(2016) Grethlein, Christian. An Introduction to Practical Theology: History, Theory, and the Communication of the Gospel in the Present. Waco, Tx: Baylor University Press.



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