What we offer

The Language Centre of the University of Münster (Sprachenzentrum) offers a variety of opportunities to learn a foreign language in tandem with a partner:

  • Präsenztandem (both partners are in Münster)
  • Distanztandem (both partners are in their home countries and learn via Skype)
  • Intensivtandem (in Münster, as a compact course during the term break, presently in cooperation with Spain)


Guiding you through the process

The following support is offered to all students participating in the Tandem programme:

Furthermore, we offer individual language learning counselling for students attending a language course at the Sprachenzentrum and/or who wish to learn a foreign language independently. For further information, go here.


Anmeldung zum Tandemprogramm

Sie können sich ab dem 1. März zur Vermittlung eines Tandempartners anmelden. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auf un…

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"Keeletandemis osalemine annab hea võimaluse võõrkeele õppimiseks ning uute kontaktide loomiseks." (Kadri, Estland)