Introductory Meetings for Language Learning in Tandem

This introduction will provide all necessary information on learning in tandem, on how to structure your own autonomous learning (process) and how to obtain either 3 or 5 credit points. The introductory meeting is mandatory, if you aim to obtain credits for the tandem course.

We will invite you to one of the introductory sessions once we could find a tandem partner for you. You, then, need to sign up for ONE sessions via a link that will be sent to you in an email. Please notice that participation without previous registration is not possible!

If you do not want to take part in the programme, but learn without our support, you are also welcome to attend one of the introductory sessions after previous registration. Please send an email to our student assistants Ms Damaris Türk & Ms Melanie Höscheletandem.matching[@]

"Tandemissa oppii kieltä ja kulttuuria, on hauskaa, ja voi saada hyvän ystävän." (Anni, Finnland)