Feedback from our Learners:

"What I enjoyed the most about the Sprachtandem was the opportunity to not only learn from my Tandem partner but also to share my culture." (Solenne, France)

"In my opinion, the Sprachtandem is very good because one is not afraid of making mistakes in front of their partner as he or she is also going to make mistakes. Both partners are usually not perfect in the foreign language and therefore one need not be ashamed of making mistakes. Another very positive characteristic of the Sprachtandem is that each Tandempartner can decide on what he/she wants to emphasize, in contrast to a language course where you have to practice all: reading, listening, writing and speaking." (Tamino, Germany)

"One of the things that I really enjoyed was that we could meet outside of the university and I learned words and phrases as I experienced things. I feel like this also helped me learn more about the culture in Germany and specifically in Münster because we went to places such as the Weihnachtsmarkt and my Tandem Partner pointed out things that I probably wouldn't have noticed or understood by myself. I also had the opportunity to eat my only home-cooked German meal at my Tandem Partner's house; goulash that was sehr lecker!" (Grant, USA)



Anmeldung zum Tandemprogramm

Sie können sich ab dem 15. September für die Vermittlung eines/einer Tandempartners/Tandempartnerin anmelden. ANMELDUNG…

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Je recommanderais le Tandem Programm à tous ceux voulant découvrir une approche originale, humaine et riche en échanges de l'apprentissage de la langue. (Alexandre, Frankreich)