How to apply for courses

If you wish to attend any of the courses offered by the Language Centre, please complete the following steps:

1. Registration

You need to register on this page to be able to apply for courses. (This registration stays valid for the length of your studies and does not have to be repeated.)

registration form

Registration is also required if you only wish to do the C-test.

Please fill in all applicable information to avoid any problems during the application procedure.

2. C-Test for course placement

For most language courses, a C-test result is required. The C-test is a placement test which helps us (and you) assess your approximate level of English proficiency. You should familiarise yourself with the test by doing the demo version in our computer lab (room 403) or online.

On test day, bring your student card, report to the test supervisor in room 402 (Bispinghof 2B) and pay the test fee. You can then take the test in room 403. It will take approximately 30 minutes.

When you have completed the test, your score will immediately show up on your computer. On presenting your student ID to the test supervisor, you will receive the C-test certificate, a printed copy of your C-test score.

More information on the C-test here

3. Applying for language courses

Choose the desired course from our course programme and click on "Einen Platz in diesem Kurs beantragen" (Applying for a place in this course).