Course information

Advanced English Refresher Course (B2), Gruppe A

Rasch, Uwe

This course is aimed at students who want to refresh their English language skills on an advanced level. There will be a certain emphasis on grammar and vocabulary work, but speaking, writing and listening skills will also be practised.
Places in this course will first of all go to students who need LPs for the so-called Allgemeine Studien.

time / room Do 16-18 Uhr; Beginn: 19.10.2017 / Bispinghof 2B, Raum BB 105
Literature A workbook and materials will be provided.
Exam regelmäßige Teilnahme und Abschlussklausur
Prerequisites C-Test Ergebnis von in der Regel mind. 50 bis max. 59 Punkten
Anmeldung online über die Homepage des Sprachenzentrums

310311 - WS17

SWS: 2

Language: Englisch

ECTS points: 0

Leistungspunkte: 3

course type: Auffrischungskurs

Allgemeine Studien

C-Test: 50 - 59