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Conversation and Presentation Skills for Lawyers (C1), Gruppe B

Dorn, Eva

In this class students will practise a variety of oral skills relevant for both their FFA studies and their later professional career. These skills include small talk, telephoning, taking part in and chairing meetings as well as giving short presentations. Special emphasis will be laid on listening comprehension, and the FFA oral exam will be simulated in class.

time / room Di 14-16 Uhr; Beginn: 09.04.2019 / Bispinghof 2B, BB 410
Literature Materials will be made available. There may be a small fee.
Exam regelmäßige Teilnahme und mündliche Prüfung
Prerequisites erfolgreiche Teilnahme am 1. FFA-Semester
Anmeldung online über die Homepage des Sprachenzentrums

206060 - SS19

SWS: 2

Language: Englisch

ECTS points: 0

Leistungspunkte: 0

course type: Lehrveranstaltung FFA 1. Studienabschnitt

FFA für Juristen

C-Test: 70 - 100