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Knowledge Transfer: Language Mediation and Science Communication - Dieser Kurs findet nicht statt!

Mersmann-Hoffmann, Heike

In this course, students will practice both transferring knowledge from one language to another as well as making expert knowledge available to a lay audience. The language mediation will involve the participants’ native language (which need not be German) and English, and the settings will have an intercultural focus. For the science communication part, students will be expected to present content from the subject(s) they are studying to class members of other subjects. Therefore this course is open to students of all subjects.

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Exam regelmäßige Teilnahme, mündliche Prüfung und schriftliche Aufgabe (max. 5 S.)
Prerequisites C-Test Ergebnis von mind. 60 Punkten
Anmeldung online über die Homepage des Sprachenzentrums

318222 - WS19

SWS: 2

Language: Englisch

ECTS points: 0

Leistungspunkte: 0

course type: Ergänzungskurs

Allgemeine Studien

C-Test: 60 - 100