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Legal Research and Writing (C1), Gruppe E

LeMieux, Matthew

This course will focus on helping students practise and develop their (legal) writing skills. We will be looking at types of texts relevant for the study of law and, to some extent, for legal practice, such as memos, summaries, case briefs and essays. Short research tasks will provide the content for some of the writing exercises, and language practice materials (e.g. on style, vocabulary) will be made available.

time / room Mo 14-16 Uhr; Bispinghof 2B, BB 105 - beginnt zunächst als Distanzkurs
Literature Materials will be made available on Learnweb.
Exam regelmäßige Teilnahme, Essay und eine weitere schriftliche Aufgabe
Prerequisites erfolgreiche Teilnahme an den Kursen der 1.-2. FFA-Semester
Anmeldung online über die Homepage des Sprachenzentrums
Info This course will start as a distance course.

200088 - SoSe20

SWS: 2

Language: Englisch

ECTS points: 0

Leistungspunkte: 0

course type: Lehrveranstaltung FFA 2. Studienabschnitt

C-Test: 70 - 100