If you want to take a language course at the Language Centre, you first of all have to take a placement test, the so-called C-Test (main exception: courses for absolute beginners and Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Turkish languages courses). You can sit the C-Test in our computer lab, room BB403, 2B Bispinghof.

For enrolment dates :

C-Test for the winter term 2020-2021 - new information here!

You'll find the exact times and dates (including the separate dates for German as a foreign language)

Please note:

You have to register for the C-Test first:

Before beginning with the actual C-Test, please leave jackets, bags and papers in room BB402 and switch off your mobile. Then go to the student supervisor, show him/her your student card and personal ID and pay the test fee of 2 Euro.

The C-Test program contains an introduction which tells you all you need to know about the test.

When you have taken the test, your score will appear on the screen. Show the student supervisor your ID to get a print-out of your C-Test score. (Please don't forget to do so!).

All this will take about 30 minutes.

If you have already taken the C-Test in a previous term, you don't need to take it again (unless you want to improve your C-Test score).

For your information

You can practise the C-Test using a demo version in room BB403 during normal term-time opening hours and in room BB402 during the entire C-Test phase (for exact times, see our homepage) – and, of course, at any time via our website.

You can also get information about our courses

  • from the lecture list posted on the notice board opposite the lift on the ground floor (please always check our website for any last-minute changes, though)
  • in our general office hour and the office hours of the language coordinators.

The Language Centre courses are free of charge. The order in which students sign up for classes is often relevant for the allocation of places so please make sure you sign up for courses in time. In any case, we would advise you not to wait until the very end of the C-Test phase to take the test. Quite often there are long queues then, and you might have to wait quite a while.

If you want more practical information on the C-Test, please download this English text:

C-Test Info