FAQs Course Programme

Who can attend a course at the Language Centre?

The courses of the Language Centre are accessible to all students enrolled at the University of Münster. However, some courses have restricted access (e.g. courses in languages for specific purposes may only be accessible to students of the subject). Information about restricted access can be found in the course information.

Students of other Münster universities and colleges may not  participate in our courses. 

How can I find the course information?

  • Course programme online

  • Course programme on the notice board at the Sprachenzentrum

  • Homepage: http://spz.uni-muenster.de

  • Office hours of the coordinators and staff  MitarbeiterInnen


FAQs Application Procedure

Do I need to apply for the courses?

You have to apply for all courses.

When are the application deadlines?


The application deadline for all courses during the semester is usually the first Wednesday of term, 7 p.m. The exact period of application can be found on our homepage. Application deadlines for compact courses taking place before the start of the semester end earlier (see course information).

How can I apply?

Online on this website. After logging in, you can view the course information and directly apply for the course of your choice as long as the green or yellow flag show.

Can I apply without C-Test result?

Only if the course does not require a C-Test result (beginners courses or courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish). However,you still need to register with the Sprachenzentrum.

What is the difference between application and registration?

Registration is a prerequisite for C-Test and course application. Once you have provided your personal data (Name, ID number etc.), you are a registered user of the Sprachenzentrum for the whole course of your studies. You can then take the C-Test and apply for courses.

How can I sign off a course?

Go to the course information and press the button "Meine Anmeldung rückgängig machen".

What do I need to do if I have problems with registration/application/signing off?


Problems with registration: Send an e-mail to spzctest@wwu.de.
Technical problems with our website: Send an e-mail to spzdv@wwu.de.
Content-related questions/problems: Send an e-mail to the coordinator for your language  

What do the flags in the course programme stand for?

The flags indicate the course status. Green: there are still places available. Yellow: the course is already overbooked. Red: application closed.

The flag may change over the course of the period of application, generally from green to yellow, but also back from yellow to green if students sign off in the meantime. Applying while the green flag shows does not automatically guarantee a place on the course, since further applications might come in. If the yellow flag shows, you still can apply, but you need to be aware that places for this course will probably be allocated by drawing lots. It may therefore be advisable to choose another course.

The blue flags indicate that the online application is deactivated.

Do I need to register for QISPOS?

Registration for QISPOS is only possible and required for General Studies (Allgemeine Studien, A.S.) classes. QISPOS registration takes place after admission to the course, generally from the third week of term.

 Is the chronological order of applications relevant for the allocation of places?

Yes, it is. As soon as a course is full (incl. waiting list), application for this course will be closed (red flag).. Places on the list of participants and the waiting list are assigned by drawing lots.

What happens if the course is overbooked?

Places on the list of participants and waiting list will be allocated by drawing lots.

How will I know if I have been allocated a place?

By consulting the course lists, which will be posted on the notice board at the Language Centre ca. two days after the closing date for applications, and on the Language Centre homepage under "Meine Kurse und C-Tests" (after you have logged in, this menu item will appear in the left-hand column).

Is there a privileged access to courses?

Usually not. Exceptions are only possible for courses necessary for the completion of the UNIcert® certificate, for General Studies (Allgemeine Studien) courses in the final BA semester or a missing complementary course (Ergänzungskurs) in the fourth FFA semester. Should one of these reasons apply to you, please inform your language coordinator before the application deadline which course you need to attend for one of the reasons stated above. (Do not contact the course instructor.)

What do I do if I only made it onto the waiting list?

Make sure you attend the first session of the course because there are always students from the list of participants who do not turn up and then students from the waiting list can move into the class directly.

I have applied for a course but cannot find my name on any of the lists.

Unfortunately, the course was so overbooked that your name was not even drawn for the waiting list. Please contact your language coordinator for free places on another course. (Since we do not know your time-table, we cannot automatically assign you to another course.)

What do I need to do if I have missed the application deadline?

Contact your language coordinator (not the course instructor!). If there are free places left, you might still be able to attend the course(s) of your choice. You need to provide the necessary C-Test result or sit for the test at a later date.

Will I lose my place if I cannot attend the first session of a course?

If you are absent at the first session of a course without notifying either coordinator or course instructor, you will lose your place to a student from the waiting list. Please therefore contact your coordinator/course instructor in plenty of time.

Which courses can be used for the Allgemeine Studien (2-Fach-B.A.)?

Only courses that have explicitly been accredited for the Allgemeine Studien (General Studies). These courses (see course description under „Studiengänge“)

FAQs C-Test

What is the C-Test?

The C-Test is an academically recognised, extensively researched placement test. It consists of four short texts in which the second half of every second word is missing. There are 100 such gaps in total As an assessment tool, the C-Test measures the current language proficiency of the test taker. A score of > 95 points is roughly equivalent to the proficiency of a native speaker.

Who can take the C-Test?

Students enrolled at the University of Münster; students enrolled at other institutions of higher education in Münster (only the C-Test in German language). On the Hochschultag, on special dates in May/June or after class pre-registration the C-Test is also available for students in secondary education (Schüler-C-Test).

For which languages is the C-Test available at the Sprachenzentrum?

It is available for German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish as a computer-based test, and for Russian as a paper-based test.

How can I prepare for the C-Test?

You are strongly advised to do the demo version: It explains how the C-Test works and provides examples of keyboard exercises as well as a complete test to familiarise yourself with the format. Apart from that, the best preparation is to read extensively in the language you want to study.

When can I take the C-Test?

The “early” C-Test phase starts in the last week of the preceding term; the “late” phase starts approximately two weeks before the beginning of term and ends on the first Wednesday of the semester (5:30 p.m). The exact test dates and deadlines can be found on our homepage under C-test > Anmeldefristen C-test.

Do I need to sign up for the C-Test?

No. Signing up is not necessary and individual appointments will not be made. However, you first have to register with the Language Centre on our homepage. Register

Where can I take the C-Test?

In our computer lab (BB 403) Language Centre, Bispinghof 2B, 48143 Münster.

What do I need to bring?

Your student ID card (Studierendenausweis), your national ID or passport (Personalausweis) and 2 € for the test fee.

What do I need to keep in mind?

As soon as you have started the “real” C-Test, this attempt will count. It is therefore advisable to study the demo version carefully. Only take the C-Test if you feel confident that you have understood how the format works, if you feel fit and well-prepared. Only press the “Senden” button if you are sure that you have worked on all four texts sufficiently.

When will I get my results?

Your score will immediately appear onscreen after completion of the test. On presentation of your student card, the test supervisor will print out your C-Test certificate.

How often can I do the C-Test?

Once per semester per language (i.e. per C-Test phase). The new C-Test phase always starts in the last week of the preceding semester.

How long is the C-Test result valid?

For the purpose of course applications at the Language Centre, the C-Test result is valid for the whole course of your studies. For other purposes, e.g. issuing a language certificate, you may have to take the C-Test again if it is older than two years.

How can I get a duplicate of the C-Test certificate?

You can get another print-out of your C-test certificate from the language lab during office hours (during the semester: Mon–Wed 12:00– 4:00 p.m.).

Can I fail the C-Test?

No, you can’t. The C-Test is a placement test and only assesses your current language proficiency. A score of more than 95 points is roughly equivalent to the proficiency level of a native speaker.

How many points do I need on the C-Test?

When you consult the course information, you will find how many, if any, C-Test points you need to enrol for the course.








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