Language Learning in Tandem

Learning a foreign language in Tandem means that two people with different native languages meet on a regular basis in order to learn their partner's language and to find out more about his or her cultural background.

Learning a language this way, you can

  • learn individually according to your interests and needs
  • learn from and with a partner and practice/improve your foreign language skills in authentic conversations
  • learn how to organize your learning

All information about the tandem programme and courses as well as our counselling sessions for tandem and/or individual language learners can be found here.



Tutor/in für das Tandemprogramm gesucht

Das Sprachenzentrum sucht für das Tandemprogramm ab dem Wintersemester 2019/20 eine/n Tutor/in (SHK-Vertrag über zwei W…

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Arbeitstagung Beratung & Coaching in Sprachlernprozessen

Das Sprachenzentrum der WWU richtet vom 12.-14. September 2019  zusammen mit dem Konfuzius-Institut an der Universität …

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Tandem-Intensivkurs Deutsch-Spanisch

Vom 15. bis 26.07.2019 findet unser Tandem-Intensivkurs am Sprachenzentrum statt. Del 15 al 26 de julio 2019 va a tener lugar n…

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Registration and tandem matching

Please find more information about our tandem courses here:

Tandem for 3ECTS

Tandem for 5 ECTS



For questions on registration or further information please contact:

Damaris & Melanie (student assistants):





"What I enjoyed the most about the Sprachtandem was the opportunity to not only learn from my Tandem partner but also to share my culture." (Solenne, France)