Coordinators for Language Learning in Tandem und Language Counselling

Katharina Grenningloh, Bispinghof 2B, Room 407

Sabine Beyer, Bispinghof 2B, Room 407

e-Mail: spztandem[at]


Vacation Office Hours  

Sabine Beyer  
Katharina Grenningloh  


Office Hours during the semester

Katharina Grenningloh Tuesday 10-11 am and by arrangement
Sabine Beyer Wednsday 10-11 am and by arrangement

Matching and Registration

Isabel Naendorf

Our Tutors

office hours by arrangement

"What I enjoyed the most about the Sprachtandem was the opportunity to not only learn from my Tandem partner but also to share my culture." (Solenne, France)