Useful Links

Language Learning in a Tandem

Tandem-Lernplattform Sprachenzentrum, Münster University

Tandemserver Bochum

E-Tandem-Vermittlung des Tandemservers der Ruhr-Universität Bochum Online Tandem Service


Information and Self-assessment regarding Learning Strategies and Learning Styles

VARK, a guide to learning styles  

Information regarding self-directed Language Learning

How to learn languages (University of Hamburg)

Managing your learning (University of Manchester)

Modell of Autonomy (FU Berlin) evaluation for self-directed Language Learning

Language Tests

Placement Test Dialang for 14 Languages 


Skills Training

Developing your skills (University of Manchester)

Language Learning Material

Multilingual tasks (Ruhr University Bochum)

weitere Tipps für Material können Sie auf der Tandem-Lernplattform finden


Studying in Münster

Selbstlernplattform for international students in Münster



CINEMA & Kurbelkiste National film weeks, international movies in original language 

Events and Service for International Students

Die Brücke

The Larger picture

Useful Links

Collection of Links for German as a Second Language (Jochen Neubauer)

Collection of Links for several european languages and Arabic (Selbstlernzentrum FU Berlin)  


"What I enjoyed the most about the Sprachtandem was the opportunity to not only learn from my Tandem partner but also to share my culture." (Solenne, France)