UNIcert® Level I



acquisition of basic general and intercultual language skills


German as a Foreign Language (DaF), French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Subject orientation

general language skills, not subject-specific


study-related, cumulative examination; UNIcert® I certifies language skills on level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Without previous knowlege. Students with previous knowledge can credit up to 4 SWS (credit hours). Previous knowledge will be established by the c-test (required score see target language)

DaF requires a minimum of 31 to a maximum of 40 points in the c-test.


each term


8–12 SWS (depending on previous knowledge) /  DaF 9 SWS

Organisation / Costs

DaF: You can complete the courses in any order you desire. 

For all other languages: The courses build upon one another and need to be completed in the order prescribed in the study regulations.

You can apply for the certificate as soon as you have completed all required courses. The final grade is the average of the grades of all required courses.

You can apply for the UNIcert® certificate during the office hours of the target language coordinator.

For general information go here.

The application form can be found here. 

There is an issuing fee of 10 € for the certificate. The fee must be paid in cash on application.  


Study course plan for students who started the UNIcert® course for beginners in the winter term of 2019/2020 or later:

Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)

  • Conversation and Listening Comprehension (4 SWS)
  • Reading Comprehension (2 SWS)
  • Written Production (2 SWS)



  • French without previous knowledge (beginners: A1) (4 SWS)
  • Required courses:
  • French with previous knowledge (pre-intermediate: A2) (4 SWS)
  • Français pour étudiants avancés (4 SWS)



  • Italian without previous knowledge (beginners: A1) (4SWS)
  • Required courses:
  • Italian with previous knowledge (pre-intermediate: A2) 1+2 (4SWS)
  • Italiano per avanzati 1 (2SWS)
  • Italiano per avanzati 2 (2SWS)
  • or Italiano per avanzati 1 +2 (4SWS)



  • Portuguese without previous knowledge (beginners: A1) (4SWS)
  • Required courses:
  • Portuguese with previous knowledge (pre-intermediate: A2)  (4 SWS) (C-test score: 30 points)
  • Português para avançados (B1) (4 SWS) (C-test score: 40 points)



  • Spanish without previous knowledge (beginners: A1) (4SWS)
  • Required courses:
  • Spanisch with previous knowledge (pre-intermediate: A2)  (4 SWS) (C-test score: 30 points)
  • Español para avanzados (B1) (4 SWS) (C-test score: 40 points)