Listening Skills for Law Students (B2/C1)

Beile-Meister, Birgit H.

This course will deal with basic legal topics such as the UK/US legal professions and court systems, the jury or criminal law on the basis of video material from a variety of sources. In addition to practising listening comprehension skills, we will be doing extensive vocabulary work. As this course is being offered as a distance course over the summer holidays, students will have to complete 11 sets of materials, each equivalent to a 90-minute class. These materials will consist of listening tasks, texts with reading/vocabulary worksheets and short Internet research tasks. Once a student has sent back the completed worksheets/research tasks by email for correction, they will then be sent the next set. In this way, students can choose when and at which speed they want to complete the tasks over the summer break. All completed assignments have to be sent back before 15 November, however, so that they can be corrected before we meet to prepare for the final exam. (For assignments that are sent back later, I cannot guarantee that they will be corrected before our revision session on 30 November.) This course can also be taken by students who have not started the FFA programme yet, or who want to take the course for the „Fremdsprachnachweis“. The first set of materials will be sent out at the beginning of September.

Zeit / Raum Fernkurs; Präsenztermin Do 30.11.2017 und Klausur Do 07.12.2017, 18.00-19.30 / Bispinghof 2B, Raum BB 410
Prüfung regelmäßige Teilnahme und Klausur
Voraussetzungen Studium der Rechtswissenschaft und C-Test Ergebnis von in der Regel mind. 60 Punkten
Anmeldung online über die Homepage des Sprachenzentrums und Email die Kursleiterin (beile@uni-muenster.de)

200083 - WS17

SWS: 2

Sprache: Englisch

ECTS Punkte: 3

Leistungspunkte: 0

Veranstaltungstyp: Ergänzungskurs FFA

FFA für Juristen

C-Test: 60 - 100